Snow, Snow, and More Snow!
February 2, 2022, 9:00 AM


     We have been blessed with snow – a lot of snow – lately.  To many of us, snow is truly a 4-letter word, not in the good sense.  But let’s look at it differently.  Psalm 51:7 says: “wash me, and I will be whiter than snow”.    To me that means snow is pure, a way to cleanse the earth. 

     Pretend for just a moment that the daily demands on your time – taking out the garbage, taking out the dog, driving to the store or work, amongst other things – were not an issue, and look out the window into a white wonderland.  The tree branches are covered with a beautiful layer of pure white, the ground, where animals have not traveled is a landscape of unbroken perfection.  God is cleansing His earth!

     It’s been several years since we have had such a lovely winter.  Years when funguses grew in the earth affecting our fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and animals.  Is God giving us a fresh start for 2022?

     As for me, I’m going to rejoice in this winter wonderland, throw snowballs at my great grandson, enjoy the beauty of the birds flocking to the feeders, and thank God for His gift of beauty while I wait for His gift of spring flowers.